Sunday, 27 November 2011

Creating a colony from the natural living condition...

According to scientific study, it takes around six months for collecting a colony from its natural existance.The easiest way is to place a clay pot covering the natural entrance.A hole is drilled in the bottom of the pot for the passage of the bees.The pot is fixed using clay.Since there is only one passage available now for the bees to the outside world, the bees start to fly in and out through the hole we drilled on the pot.Now we can see the bees passing through the pot through the drilled hole.

This is the initial stage.I will post photos showing the developments till a new colony is built inside the pot.We can then remove the pot and place it in any convenient location or we can shift the bee colony from the pot to wooden cage.


  1. It looks like this kid of bee might not adapt to moveable frame apiculture. You might try to make thin and small frames adjusted to their body size. In a rectangular small bait hive, smear or rub some old comb wax around a thin wooden starter strip attached to the underside of the frame's top bar and see what happens
    Greetings from Spain

  2. The Dwarf Honey bees are different.Their life is different than that of Italian bees.They will not live in frames.I will post the photos of their life soon.

  3. Found a YouTube channel with small honey bee information. Hope this will help you.