Monday, 21 November 2011

The begining of bee keeping...

On a fine morning i decided to shift the old tiles keeped inside the sunshade of our house as part of the house painting.The work continued till i feel it difficult to lift the tiles since it get attached due to some binding force.I noticed the presence of honeybees and my interest shifted from tile shifting to honey collection.The disturbed bees started to resist me.But my desire to collect pure honey forced me to ignore the resistance of bees.At last i got about 600 gms of pure real honey.After taking the honey i kept the tiles with the eggs and pollen collection in a new location.But unfortunately the bees leave the spot.May be due to my inexperience in handling, or the relocation caused them to shift to a new place.

The sweetness of the honey i collected, reading about the medical value of the honey, the information about the pollination increases crop production, the purity of the honey i collected , and the cost of honey in market forced me thinking about becoming a bee keeper.

I found three natural honey colony in the basement of the boundary wall.I decided to collect and grow them.

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  1. Hi!!
    Though i m not familiar with the concept of bee keeping i appreciate your effort and wish you all the best.